MI Training and international assignment

Workshop trainer at MINT Forum.

Your handsome teaching style allways challange partcipants to experience learning in a new way and develope a deeper level of understanding. We really enjoy motivational interviewing with you. Thank you again!

Staffan is a wonderful modeller of the MI spirit. Everything he does is an example of how to use the MI spirit.

Motivational Interviewing, Cardiff 2006.
TNT, Trainers of new trainers, MINT Forum, San Diego 2010.
Workshop trainer at PreForum and MINT Forum, Sheffield 2011.
Assistant MI-Trainer, San Francisco, 2011.
Assistant MI-Trainer in advanced Training. San Francisco 2012.
PreForum and MINT Forum, Atlanta 2014.
Consultation meeting, MI Training, San Francisco, 2014.MINT Forum, Dublin, 2017

The Art of Behavior Change Counseling